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Highly Efficacious Chinese Patent Medicines

Highly Efficacious Chinese Patent Medicines

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ISBN 7810101279
Publisher Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Publication Date First edition, May 1990
Pages 448 pages, pagerback
Product Dimensions 8.1 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches
Language English, Chinese




Chinese patent medicines are arranged in this book in dosage forms. An introduction to each kind covers principal ingredients, actions, indications, admininistration and dosage, caution, packing, manufacturers. The applied index is arranged in accordance with the actions and indications of the drugs, so that readers, even if not doctors themselves, can easily  choose the proper drugs needed by consulting the book.


Section One Pills and Boluses

RENSHEN ZAIZAO WAN (Ginseng Restorative Bolus)
RENSHENG GUIPI WAN (Ginseng Spleen-Invigorating Bolus)
RENSHENG JIANPI WAN (Ginseng Spleen-Strengthening Bolus)
ZHIBAO SAN BIAN WAN (Treasured Three Animal Penes Pill)
SHI QUAN DABU WAN (Bolus of Ten Powerful Tonics)
BUZHONG YIQI WAN (Bolus for Reinforcing Middle-jiao and Replenishing Qi)
SHIHU YEGUANG WAN (Eyesight-Improving Bolus of Noble Dendrobium)  
ANSHEN BUXIN WAN (Sedative and Heart-Invigorating Pill)
HUANXIN DAN (Coronary Heart Disease Pill)
BAIZI YANGXIN WAN (Mind-Easing Tonic Bolus with Arborvitae Seed)
QINGWEN JIEDU WAN (Antipyretic and Antitoxic Bolus)
LIU YING WAN (Anti-inflammatory Pill)
LIU SHEN WAN (Pill of Six Ingredients with Magical Effects)XIAO HUOLUO DAN (Small Bolus for Activating Channels and Collaterals)DA HUOLUO WAN (Large Bolus for Activating Channels and Collaterals) YIN QIAO JIEDU WAN (Antitoxic Bolus of Honeysuckle Flower and Forsythia)
HOUZHENG WAN (Pill for Throat Diseases)
SUXIAO NIUHUANG WAN (Quick-Acting Cow-bezoar Bolus)
NIUHUANG SHANGQING WAN (Cow-bezoar Bolus for Clearing away Heat of the Upper Part of the Body)
TIANMA WAN (Castrodia Tuber Bolus)
TONGXUAN LIFEI WAN (Lung-Ventilating-Regulating Bolus)
WUJI BAIFENG WAN (White Phoenix Bolus of Black-bone Chicken)

LONGDAN XIEGAN WAN (Bolus of Gentian for Purging Liver-Fire)
MINGMU DIHUANG WAN (Rehmannia Bolus for Improving Eyesight)
XIANG SHA LIU JUNZI WAN (Pill of Costus and Amomum with Six Noble Ingredients)
SHEXIANG BAOXIN WAN (Heart Pill of Musk)
XIHUANG WAN (Pill of Cow-bezoar)
JUHONG WAN (Tangerine Peel Bolus)
GEJIE DINGCHUAN WAN (Asthma-Relieving Bolus of Gecko)
NIUHUANG QINGXIN WAN (Cow-bezoar Sedative Bolus)
ANGONG NIUHUANG WAN (Cow-bezoar Bolus for Resurrection)
JUFANG ZHIBAO DAN (Treasured Bolus)
NIUHUANG ZHENJING WAN (Convulsion-Relieving Pill of Cow-bezoar)
XIANGLIAN WAN (Auckklandia-Coptis Pill)
HUANGLIAN SHANGQING WAN (Coptis Bolus for Clearing the Upper Heat)
ZUOJIN WAN (Liver-Fire-Purging and Stomach-Regulating Pill)
WU JI WAN (Liver-Fire-Purging and Stomach-Regulating Pill)
MINGMU SHANGQING WAN (Eyesight-Improving and Upper-Heart-Removing Bolus)
CHANSU WAN (Pill of Toad Venom)
FUZI LIZHONG WAN (Aconite Bolus for Regulating the Function of Middle-jiao)
BINGLANG SIXIAO WAN (Digestion Pill of Betel Nut)
XIANGSHA YANGWEI WAN (Stomach Pill of Aucklandia and Amomum Fruit)
KAIXIONG SHUNQI WAN (Digestion-Promoting Pill)
MUXIANG SHUNQI WAN (Qi-Regulating Pill of Aucklandia)
YUQUAN WAN (Diabetes Pill)
ZUOGUI WAN (Kidney-yin-Tonifying Bolus)
JINGUI SHENQI WAN (Kidney-qi-Tonifying Pill)
TIANWANG BUXIN DAN (Cardiotonic Bolus)
YINAO FUJIAN WAN (Pill for Cerebral Thrombosis)
HUITIAN ZAIZAO WAN (Restorative Bolus with Tremendous Power)
DINGKUN DAN (Bolus for Woman Diseases)
LIUHE DINGZHONG WAN (Stomach-Regulating Pill)
SUZI JIANGQI WAN (Antiasthmatic Pill of Perilla Fruit)
MUGUA WAN (Chaenomeles Fruit Pill)
SHANGQING WAN (Bolus for Clearing away Heat of the Upper Part of the Body)
SHUGAN DAN (Liver-Soothing Bolus)
FANGFENG TONGSHENG WAN (Miraculous Pill of Ledebouriella)
SHUGAN HEWEI WAN (Pill for Soothing the Liver and Regulating the Stomach)
ZHUSHA ANSHEN WAN (Cinnabar Sedative Pill)
XINBAO (Heart Treasure Pill)
GUBEN KECHUAN WAN (Tonic Pill for Treating Cough and Asthma)
HUOXIN WAN (Pill for Promoting Coronary Circulation)
PIAN ZI HUANG (Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Bolus)
TONGMAI YANGXIN WAN (Pulse-Invigorating and Heart-Nourishing Pill)
WANSHI NIUHUANG QINGXIN WAN (Bolus of Cow-bezoar for Clearing Heart-fire)
GUANXIN SUHE WAN (Storax Pill for Treating Coronary Heart Disease)
LIU WEI DIHUANG WAN (Pill of  Six Ingredients with Rehmannia)
JIANNAO BUSHEN WAN (Brain-Invigorating and Kidney-Tonifying Pill)
NIUHUANG JIEDU WAN (Cow-bezoar Antitoxie Bolus)
XIAOER QIYING WAN (Infantile Convulsion Pill)
BAOJI WAN (Health Pill)
ZHUANGYAO JIANSHEN WAN (Loins-Strengthening and Kidney-Invigorating Bolus)

Section Two  Tablets

LINGYANG GANMAO PIAN (Tablet of Antelope's Horn for Common Cold)
QIAN BAI BIYAN PIAN (Rhinitis Tablet of Climbing Groundsel and Spikemoss)
ANLUOTONG PIAN (Rheumatalgia and Neuralgia Tablet)
XIAOLUOTONG PIAN (Rheumatalgia-Relieving Tablet)
YUANHU ZHITONG PIAN (Tablet of Corydalis for Alleviating Pain)
JIANGYAPING PIAN (Antihypertensive Tablet)
ZAIZHANG SHENGXUE PIAN (Tablet for Replenishing Blood and Treating Aplastic Anemia)
CIWUJIA PIAN (Acanthopanax Root Tablet)
NAOLINGSU PIAN (Brain-Invigorating Tablet)
XINXUENING PIAN (Tablet for Coronary Heart Diseases and Hypertension)
LIQI SHUXIN PIAN (Qi-Regulating and Heart-Soothing Tablet)
LIGAN PIAN (Liver-Benefiting Tablet)
DANGGUI JINGAO PIAN (Chinese Angelica Extract Tablet)
FUFANG CHUANBEIJING PIAN (Compound Tablet of Sichuan Fritillary Bulb)
NIUHUANG JIEDU PIAN (Detoxicating Tablet of Cow-bezoar)
LIDAN PIAN (Cholagogic Tablet)
FUFANG DANSHEN PIAN (Compound Tablet of Red Sage Root)
QUFENG ZHITONG PIAN (Wind-Expeltingand Pain-Alleviating Tablet)
CHUANXINLIAN PIAN (Andrographis Tablet)
SHILINTONG PIAN (Stranguria-Treating and Calculus-Removing Tablet)
HUGAN PIAN (Liver-Protecting Tablet)
XI LING JIEDU PIAN (Detoxicating Tablet of Rhinoceros Horn and Antelope's Horn)
ANWEI PIAN (Gastralgia Tablet)
LIDAN PAISHI PIAN (Cholagogic and Lithagogue Tablet)
NAOXUESHUAN PIAN (Anti-Cerebral-Thrombosis Tablet)
BUSHEN YINAO PIAN (Kidney-Brain-Nourishing Tablet)
BUXUE NINGSHEN PIAN (Tablet for Blood-Enriching and Mind-Tranquilizing)
LIGANLONG PIAN (Liver-Restoring Tablet)
GENGNIANAN (Climacteric-Syndrome-Relieving Tablet)
LANWEI XIAOYAN PIAN (Appendicitis Tablet)
FUKANGNING PIAN (Tablet for Women's Health and Tranquilness)
BUSHEN QIANGSHEN PIAN (Tonic Tablet for Kidney-Reinforcing)
HUOXUE TONGMAI PIAN (Tablet for Promoting Coronary Circulation)
SHUJIN HUOXUE PIAN (Tablet for Relieving Rigidity of Muscles and Promoting Blood Circulation)
GANXILE (LIVER-Tonic Tablet)
KANGGUSUIYAN PIAN (Tablet for Treating Osteomyelitis)
XIAOER NIUHUANG PIAN (Tablet of Cow-bezoar for Children)
XIAOER XIAOSHI PIAN (Children's Indigestion Tablet)
XIAOER XIELI PAIN (Children's Dysentery Tablet)
XIAOER GANMAO PIAN (Children's Cold Tablet)
NIUHUANG YIJIN PIAN (Tablet of Cow-bezoar for Throat Trouble)
TANKEJING PIAN (Expectorant Tablet)
FANGGAN PIAN (Tablet for Preventing Common Cold)
SHENKANGNING PIAN (Tablet for Chronic Nephritis)
GANMAOQING PIAN (Tablet for Treating Common Cold)
WEITELING PIAN (Gastralgia Tablet)
TIANJIN GANMAO PIAN (Tianjin Cold-Treating Tablet)
QINGCHUNBAO PIAN (Youth Recovery Tablet)
XIAOER JINDAN PIAN (Children's Welfare Tablet)
SANQI SHANGYAO PIAN (Fracture and Sprain Tablet of Notoginseng)
ANNAO NIUHUANG PIAN (Tablet of Cow-bezoar for Tranquilization)
FUKE SHI WEI PIAN (Tablet of Ten Ingredients for Women Diseases)

Section Three Infusions (Medicinal Granules)

GANMAO TUIRE CHONGJI (Cold-Fever-Treating Infusion)
GANMAO QINGRE CHONGJI (Infusion for Treating Coryza of Wind-Cold Type)
YU ZHA CHONGJI (Infusion of Fragrant Solomonseal and Hawthorn Fruit)
WUJIASHEN CHONGJI (Acanthopanax Infusion)
SHEN QI CHONGJI (Infusion of Pilose Asiabell and Wolfberry Fruit)
XIAOER SHENGXUE LING (Infusion for Iron-deficiency Anemia of Children)
EJIAO YISHOU JING (Longevity Extract of Donkey-hide Gelatin)
DASHANZHA CHONGJI (Infusion of Hawthorn Fruit)
FUFANG JINYINHUA CHONGJI (Compound Infusion of Honeysuckle Flower)
JIANNAO CHONGJI (Brain-Strengthening Infusion)
EJIAO ZIBU JING (Tonic Infusion of Donkey-hide Gelatin)
SHUGAN CHONGJI (Liver-Soothing Infusion)
FUFANG BANLANGEN CHONGJI (Compound Infusion of Isatis Root)
LUOHANGUO ZHIKE CHONGJI (Infusion of Grosvenor Momordica Fruit for Arresting Cough)
FUFANG GANYAN CHONGJI (Compound Hepatitis-Treating Infusion)
YIN CHAI CHONGJI (Infusion of Honeysuckle Stem and Chinese Thorowax)
PAISHI CHONGJI (Lithagogue Infusion)
YUNZHI GANTAI CHONGJI (Tonic Infusion of Versicolor for Liver)
ZHIKE PIPA CHONGJI (Cough Infusion of Loquat Leaf)
SHEN QI CHONGJI (Infusion of Ginseng and Astragalus)
HUPO XIAOSHI CHONGJI (Lithagogue Infusion of Amber)
JINJI CHONGJI (Infusion of Cherokee Rose and Spatholobus Stem)

Section Four Oral Liquids

SHENGMAI YIN (Pulse-Activating Decoction)
RENSHEN FENGHUANGJIANG (Oral Liquid of Ginseng Royal Jelly)
HAILONG GEJIE JING (Oral Liquid of  Sea Dragon and Gecko)
CHUFENG JING (Oral Liquid of Chicken Fetus)
KANGBAO KOUFUYE (Oral Liquid for Health)
TAISHANLINGZHI JING (Oral Liquid of Taishan Lucid Ganoderma)  
SHEN QI WANGJIANG YANGXUE JING (Blood-Nourishing Oral Liquid of Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Astragalus Root)
LIANGSHEN JING (Oral Liquid of Ginseng and Acanthopanax)
XIYANGSHEN FENGWANGJIANG (Oral Liquid of American Ginseng and Royal Jelly)
SHEN QI JING (Oral Liquid of Ginseng and Astragalus)      
YANGXUE DANGGUI JING (Oral Liquid of  Chinese Angelica for Nourishing Blood)
FUFANG DAQINGYE HEJI (Compound Oral Liquid of Isatis Leaf)
QINGCHUNBAO KOUFUYE (Oral Liquid for Youth Recovery)
CHONGCAO BUTIAN JING (Oral Liquid of Cordyceps)
RENSHEN JING (Oral Liquid of Ginseng Tonic)
YIN HUANG KOUFUYE (Oral Liquid of Honeysuckle Flower and Scutellaria)

Section Five Capsules

WEIKANGLING JIAONANG (Stomach-Recovering Capsule)
SHENJINDAN JIAONANG (Relaxing Muscles and Tendons Capsule)
YANGDEPING JIAONANG (Anti-inflammation Capsule)
YANLIXIAO JIAONANG (Quick-Acting Anti-inflammation Capsule)
NU BAO (Menstruation-Regulating Capsule)
TIANMA JIAONANG (Gastrodia Capsule)
FENGRU JIAONANG (Royal Jelly Capsule)
YUANHU ZHITONG JIAONANG (Analgesic Capsule of Corydalis Tuber)
WEINAIAN JIAONANG (Capsule for Relieving Gastric Trouble)
DONGCHONGXIACAO JIAONANG (Capsule of Chinese Caterpillar Fungus)
WURENCHUN JIAONANG (Capsule of Schisandra Fruit)

Section Six  Semifluid Extracts

ER XIAN GAO (Semifluid Extract of Ginseng and Antler Glue)
SHANDONGEJIAO GAOI (Semifluid Extract of Shandong Donkey-hide Gelatin)
LUTAI GAO (Semifluid Extract of Deer Foetus)
YIMUCAO GAO (Semifluid Extract of Motherwort)
SHEN LU BUGAO (Tonic Semifluid Extract of Ginseng and Venison)
ZHISOU DINGCHUAN GAO (Semifluid Extract for Relieving Cough and Asthma)
RUNFEI GAO (Lung-Nourishing Semifluid Extract)
FUFANG DANSHEN GAO (Compound Semifluid Extract of Red Sage Root)
SHI QUAN DABU GAO (Tonic Semifluid Extract of Ten Ingredients)
RENSHEN ZIBU GAO (Tonic Semifluid Extract of Ginseng)  

Section Seven  Powders

YI NIAN JIN (Children's Indigestion Powder)
QILI SAN (Anti-bruise Powder)
JIUFEN SAN (Nine Fen Powder)
GUILING JI (Longevity Powder)
XIAOER FEIBAO (Lung Powder for Children)
WU LING SAN (Powder of Five Ingredients with Poria)
LINGYANG QINGFEI SAN (Powder of Antelope's Horn for Clearing Lung-heat)
FEIERLE SANJI (Digestion Powder for Infants)
GUZHE CUOSHANG SAN (Powder for Fracture and Trauma)
FUFANG SHEDAN CHUANBEI SAN (Compound Powder of Snake-bile and Fritillary Bulb)
BEI LING SAN (Powder of Fritillary Bulb and Antelope's Horn)
TAOHUA SAN (Pink Powder)
ZIXUE DAN (Purple Snowy Powder)
YUNNAN BAIYAO (Yunnan White Drug-Powder)

Section Eight Syrups

ZHIKE PIPA TANGJIANG (Cough Syrup of Loquat Leaf)
BANXIA LU (Pinellia Syrup)
NINGSOU LU (Cough Syrup)
WUJIASHEN JING (Syrup of Acanthopanax Root)
YANGYIN QINGFEI TANGJIANG (Syrup for Nourishing Yin and Clearing  Lung-heat)
CHUANBEI QINGFEI TANGJIANG (Lung-heat-Clearing Syrup of Sichuan Fritillary Bulb)
SHAJI LU (Syrup of Seabuckthorn Fruit)

Section Nine Gelatins

FUZI EJIAO (Fuzi Donkey-hide Gelatin)
SHEN RONG EJIAO (Donkey-hide Gelatin with Ginseng and Pilose Antler)
LUJIAO JIAO (Antler Gelatin)

Section Ten  Medicated Wines

SAN BIAN BUJIU (Tonic Tincture of three Animal Penes)
GUOGONG JIU (Medicated Wine of Guogong)
SHEN RONG JIU (Medicated Wine of Ginseng and Pilose Antler)
FENGLIAOXING YAOJIU (Fengliaoxing Medicated Wine)

Section Eleven Suppositories

YEJUHUA SHUAN (Suppository of Wild Chrysanthemum Flower)
XIAOER JIERE SHUAN (Fever-Reducing Suppository for Children)
XIAOZHI SHUAN (Hemorrhoid-Eliminating Suppository)
FU YAN SHUAN (Anti-inflammatory Suppository for Gynecopathy)
XIAOER XIAOYAN SHUAN (Anti-inflammatory Suppository for Children)
FUNING SHUAN (Suppository for Relieving Woman Diseases)

Section Twelve  Injections

FUFANG DANSHEN ZHUSHEYE (Compound Injection of Red Sage Root)
YIN ZHI HUANG ZHUSHEYE (Anti-hepatitis-jaundice Injection)

Secyion Thirteen  Adhesive Plasters

WEIAN GAO (Adhesive Plaster for Treating Gastric Trouble)
SHANGSHIZHITONG GAO (Adhesive Plaster for Relieving Sprain, Rheumatalgia and Myalgia)
SHEXIANG ZHENTONG GAO (Pain-Alleviating Adhesive Plaster of Musk)
PIYANLING YINGGAO (Dermatitis Adhesive Plaster)

Section Fourteen  Plasters

ZHENJIANG GAOYAO (Zhenjiang Plaster)
ZHUIFENG GAO (Rheumatalgia-Relieving Plaster)
GOUPI GAO (Dog-skin Plaster)
WANYING GAO (Panchrest Plaster)
TAIYI GAO (Taiyi Plaster)

Section Fifteen Others

FUMANLING RUANGAO (Acaricide Unguent)
ANMO RU (Massage Lotion)
RENSHEN RUBAI YUGANYOU (Milky White Cod-liver Oil of Ginseng)
CHANSU DING (Troche of Toad Venom)

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Alphabetical  Index  
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